Oskar Silén

Oskar Silén is an actor, director, musican a.o., educated in Japan, the Netherlands, the UK (ARTTS Int.), and the Finnish Theatre Academy (Master of Arts in acting '97).

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AUTUMN 2014 - SPRING 2015:

  • Directing the classic musical Annie Get Your Gun (Annie mästerskytten) outdoors with a cast of 35 performers and rotating 450 person seating area at Lurens sommarteater, premiering 06.2015. Watch the trailer.
  • Acting in Tuomas ja Tero in a performance for the Finnish speaking students at the European School in Luxembourg.
  • Recording guitar and bass for IV Webb's second album, produced by Del Palmer.
  • Concieving and producing the multi culture project Under The Same Roof - stories from near and far, with three shows 15-17.5 at theatre house Universum. FB page here . Review in Nytid here.
  • Acting and sound and music design in Jakten på det försvunna ljudet, Teater Taimine's touring production for kindergartens, premiering 26.02.2015.
  • Directing Key For Two (Är du inte riktigt fisk?) by John Chapman and Dave Freeman at AV teatern, premiering 20.02.2015. Photos and a review here
  • Voice-over work for animation series Claykids at SDI Media.
  • Gigging and recording in Spain with El Hefe December 2014.
  • Directed Ray Cooney's Out of Order (Liket som visste för mycket) at Fallåker, premiering 14.11.2014.

    Ray Cooney: Liket som visste för mycket (Out Of Order)

  • Sound and music design (and photography - see below) for Teater Taimine's touring production Tie Your Camel, premiering 04.09.2014.

Teater Taimine: Tie Your Camel

AUTUMN 2013 - SPRING 2014:

Emilia Ö:s märkliga måndag

SPRING 2013:

  • Acted in the pan-Nordic production The Gerpla Drive, directed by Arn-Henrik Blomqvist that toured the Nordic countries April-May 2013.
    The Gerpla Drive 16-17.4 Alandica, Mariehamn, Åland
    19-21.4 Tjarnarbió, Reykjavik, Iceland
    23.4 The Nordic House, Torshavn, the Faroe Islands
    2-3.5 Hamar Teater, Hamar, Norway
    5.5 BUL-salen, Oslo, Norway
    7.5 Åbo Svenska Teater, Åbo, Finland
    9.5 Aleksanterinteatteri, Helsinki, Finland
    12.5 Boulevardteatern, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Soundscape work for the Taimine Theatre's Leikitään metsää, touring Finnish elementary schools February 2013 ->. Review in Helsingin Sanomat here
  • Touring with Teater Taimine's Thomas & Tryggve/Tuomas & Tero February and March, as well as production duties. Articles in Swedish-language newspapers regarding the show and tour: here and here
  • Voice work for the Swedish language version of the European cartoon series Der kleine Ritter Trenk (YLE/FST/Buu klubben) - 26 episodes, prodividing voices for main character, the Duke, and others.
  • Finished Basic Pedagogy course at the Helsinki Open University.

AUTUMN 2012:

Tontut vs Vikingarna på Universum Teatern

SPRING 2012:

  • Voice work for the Swedish language version of the German cartoon series Der Tigerenten Club (YLE/FST/Buu klubben) - 26 episodes.
  • Acting in På friarstråt (Aleksis Kivi: Nummisuutarit) at the Universum Theatre, (Teater mars/Sirius teatern). Läs Hbl recension.
  • Touring with Teater Taimine's Stjärnornas sång / Tähtien Laulu (see article) and Thomas & Tryggve/Tuomas & Tero, as well as production duties.
  • Playing electric double bass in The Available.
  • Devising a script, rehearsing and filming for a theatre production that will tour the Nordic countries spring 2013, directed by Arn-Henrik Blomqvist.The Gerpla Drive
  • Research for "Project X" which deals with immigrant issues in Finland in staged documentary form.

Oskar Silén Fender Kingman bass

AUTUMN 2011:

Gimme Another Country på Universum Teatern

SPRING 2011:

Oskar Silen

AUTUMN 2010:


Winter-Summer 2010:

2008- 09 in London:

Oskar Silén


Winter 2008 in Helsinki and Shanghai:

  • Oskar directs a 7min radio drama piece for Finnish Broadcasting Co. and conducts a workshop on directing actors for media students at the Arcada Institute in Helsinki.
  • Shoots and edits for Pain In The Reel Productions: one 7min TVitem for Finnish Broadcasting Corp. about driving schools and the increasing pollution in Shanghai, a corporate recruitment video for Wagas Cafés in China and an aborted 45min documentary project.



"Oskar Silén has drilled the boys to an exact and disciplined performance that they execute with concentration and stage presence. ... [Stage designer] Ahlqvist and Silén serve up a good amount of clever solutions." Bror Rönnholm ÅU 8.1.2008


A story and a performance that fascinates with its simple yet multi-faceted text filled with thoughts and wisdom and sensitive directing work that takes this all this into consideration... ... The melancholy, loneliness, feelings and friendship is expressed in a sensitive, beatiful, poetic and thought-provoking way." Elisabeth Nordgren, Hufvudstadsbladet 19.9.2007

  • The short film The Engineers recieves an Honourable Mention at the Kettupäivät film festival in Helsinki, and is aired on Finnish TV the same week as part of the Råfilm (Raw film) short film series.

"Form-wise a very simple but unbeatably clever 5 minute piece that is definately one of the highlights of this years Råfilm series." Krister Uggeldahl, Hufvudstadsbladet